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Title: Growing Pains (So Stop Growing)
Author: Cella [shortitude]
Fandom: Homestuck
Characters: Terezi Pyrope
Pairings: hints at Terezi/Karkat, Terezi/everyone, Scourge Sisters shenanigans, Dave/Terezi, Gamzee/Karkat. Squint, people.
Rating: Teen
Summary: Sometimes it’s easy to forget you’re only over six solar sweeps old. TEREZI. Survivor’s guilt tastes like ash.
Spoilers: Everything up to EOA5, and speculation after that.
A/N: I AM SO FUCKING NERVOUS AAAH! First Homestuck fic, please don’t skewer me alive yet. Inspired by the fact that these are, still, kids – some decisions must be very hard to make. I hope you enjoy it.

the party doesn’t start until the bandaids have been pulled offCollapse )

FIC: Egocentrism [khr; 5986; 1/1]

Title: Egocentrism
Author: Cella [shortitude]
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Rating: Teen, implied things
Characters: Haru, Gokudera
A/N: Prompt was "shared loyalty/second best" - I adapted it. No summary; I'll be posting all these in the same place. Eventually.

don't worry, i'm a professionalCollapse )

FIC: Simplicities [khr; 100, 86] 1/1

Title: Simplicities
Author: Cella [shortitude]
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Characters: gen
Rating: G
A/N: Cheer up, obsceno! (I've no idea how this monstrousity happened. Good intentions?)

fast asleep, day dreamingCollapse )

FIC: Clear Your Agenda [Haru, Mukuro] 1/1

Title: Clear Your Agenda
Author: Cella [shortitude]
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Rating: Teen
Summary: Mukuro and Haru discuss Chrome's custody. No, really. HARU. MUKURO. Some spoilers.

let mommy and daddy talk, honeyCollapse )
Title: The Cupcake Analogy
Author: Cella [shortitude]
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Characters: Byakuran/Haru/Yamamoto (that’s right), quite a lot of Haru-gen
Rating: Mature, to be sure
Summary: Haru plans and overthinks. Byakuran forgets. Yamamoto assists. Things do not go as planned. HARU. YAMAMOTO. BYAKURAN. In another world, this is happening.
Spoilers: All the Milliefore arc. Despite being Alternate Reality, this is still in concordance with canon. Haru being a badass is totally in concordance with canon!
A/N: This monster was birthed from a prompt by obsceno (Byakuran/Haru/Yamamoto; brainwashing/the worst kind of games), and meant to be part of the drabbles in honour of Haru’s birthday. Except it developed into a gargantuan monster of 15 pages, with only a few hints at porn, and a whole lot of plot. But there’s talk of cupcakes, and I bet you haven’t seen this threesome before! All grammar mistakes shall be dedicated to the Goddess of One In The Morning, and will be attended in time; thank you.

there's a monster in my bed; he ate my heartCollapse )

FIC: Balanced [Star Driver] [Trio] [1/1]

Title: Balanced
Author: Cella [shortitude]
Fandom: Star Driver
Ship: Hints of the Trio
Rating: PG
Summary: So, Wako, which one will you pick? WAKO. RURI. Wako makes her decision. It is an important one.
A/N: I just finished episode 25, and this little nibblet popped into my head after ages of not writing crap. So I believe it does deserve to be written. WARNING: humour is more present than romance. Not what you’d expect – or is it?

Maybe she won't get the right answer, but it's finally one.Collapse )

FIC: requiem for a dream [team 7] 1/1

Title: requiem for a dream
Author: Cella [shortitude]
Ship: Team 7
Rating: Teen
Summary: Freedom or death, happiness or loneliness. What’s real and what is a dream? SAKURA. SASUKE. NARUTO. Which will you choose?
Spoilers: Spoilers to everything up to 503.
A/N: To Sasuke, happy birthday, moron. To its_game_time, lokogato, and spunbymidnight; you three revolutionized my concept Sasuke, and from time to time, made me actually love the little bitch. Additionally, spunbymidnight, meteorfreak, I took one for the team here. Have some team time. AU in parts. Most parts.

when i grow up i'll be unstableCollapse )
title: No-one Will Remember Us When We Are Dead (1/4)
author: Cella [shortitude]
fandom: Sengoku Basara
characters: Kasuga; and others
ships: this chapter, Sasuke/Kasuga
rating: R
summary: Because the good, loyal shinobi are not meant to be seen. And yet their story can be told. KASUGA. This is not a love story. This is a love story.
spoilers: hell yeah, whole season one of the anime kaythanks
other notes: Watch me try to shove some cleverly disguised history knowledge and background into a series that spends most of its free time ignoring the fact that historical accuracy exists. Here, let me sprinkle some metaphors on that for you. If you are here to read about Kasuga’s boobs, you’re in the right place. Sex, too, probably.

the spring : youthCollapse )
title; to keep a smile on her face
fandom; reborn!
characters; Tsuna, Reborn
requester; sundialing

don't let my mother cryCollapse )


DRABBLE: KHR collection!

title: sharing is caring, stealing is putting to better use
characters: Squalo. Hair conditioner. Lussuria.
requester: Viv. ♥

never a quiet dayCollapse )

title: comfort in the constant things
characters: I-pin, Lambo
requester: fumari

truer words were never saidCollapse )


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