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title; to keep a smile on her face
fandom; reborn!
characters; Tsuna, Reborn
requester; sundialing

The ticking of the clock echoed in the room as if it were an omen for things to come.

Though to the only inhabitant of the elegant office, the clock did not exist. As he stared out the window to his left, Sawada Tsunayoshi thought:

This is my kingdom now. Ash and blood.

There was an eerie silence in the whole mansion, each of his Guardians either gone, or in their own rooms, thinking. Thinking; exactly what Tsuna was trying to avoid.


Before the rise, before the dark cloud had extended upon the Vongola famiglia, Reborn had already warned him. He could remember it, clearly, and always would remember that talk. When the Arcobaleno had asked him if he was ready, truly ready, to do anything that was necessary to keep the family safe.

And Tsuna had thought of his mother, finally smiling again after such long a time, and had answered yes.


When the preparations and plans were ready, he had asked Reborn for only one thing. “Don’t let my mother cry for me.”

He could not ask of the rest to do the same, for he knew that he had brave and devoted men under his service, but that they were most of all his brave and loyal friends—and they would cry; just as Tsuna would cry when he told him the plan.

(Maybe he was not afraid of many things anymore, and maybe he was not afraid that his young self could not manage to rectify what he could not; but he was afraid of the cold that death would bring. So bury me in the sun.)

But his mother—he did not want to cause her pain. He did not want to make her cry. So he had sent her on a trip, to wherever it took to keep her safe and keep her happy.

And that was really, the only thing he could hope for; that his mother be happy, and that his friends find peace. Because once he was dead, and once his younger self came through, whatever happened would change the outcome of this future—so he knew, that once he died, he would never be. Not in this world, nor in another; but another Tsuna would.

He only hoped that whichever Tsuna would grow up to be him the second time around, would never have to make the decisions he made. It wasn’t easy, after all, to promise your mother that nothing would happen to you. And it was harder, even, to say it while making her leave so that she would never hear you died.



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Mar. 2nd, 2010 12:38 am (UTC)
;_____; That is so bittersweet, god especially this line: And Tsuna had thought of his mother, finally smiling again after such long a time, and had answered yes. jasdfklasdf thank you ♥
Mar. 2nd, 2010 12:41 am (UTC)
;A; i'm glad you like it
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